Our blend

Millers Coffee is a taste. Fresh tastes best. We roast together a green blend of three different origins. Sigria, Medellin Excelso, and Kenya AA.


This blend produces a coffee that has a clean distinctive flavour and aroma.


The degree of roast is dark but with no oil on the surface of the beans. The roasted beans are designed to be used primarily in the espresso machine and will produce a full strong flavour without any bitterness. How amazing to see virtually odourless green beans spring into life when roasted.


At around 215ºC each roast takes approximately 20mins and during that time a moisture loss of around 20% occurs. Once roasted the coffee is packed and usually dispatched on the same day. The staling process has already begun.

Recipe in more detail

Papua New Guinea: Sigri A 40%


This country is a more recent producer. Coffee was first grown commercially in the early 1950′s but only in more recent years has it appeared on the world market where its popularity has grown fast.


Coffee tree sketch Sigri Coffee Estate is known for its excellence. Situated in the 40 mile long Wahgi valley in the eastern highlands province the coffee is a 100% high grown washed Arabica.


The estate is highly regarded for its programmes of sustainability both in regards to the husbandry and care of the plants and also to the community that it serves. The people who work for the company are offered health care and education.


The fine quality coffee has balanced acidity, is full bodied with a rich smooth flavour and makes up 40% of our blend.

Colombian: Medellin Excelso 30%

Medellin is in the central mountain range of Colombia’s coffee growing region. It is the most famous and like most of their coffee is grown on small plantations. It is carefully picked, wet processed and graded.


Excelso is a combination of grades ‘supremo’ and ‘extra’, has a beautiful flavour, a fragrant aroma and a fine balanced acidity.

Kenya: AA 30%

The main growing area in Kenya stretches south from the slopes of Mount Kenya almost to the capital Nairobi. The deep fertile volcanic soil, combined with ideal temperatures and rainfall produce one of the worlds finest coffees.


‘AA’ is the grade which commands the highest prices at the weekly auctions during the season and is the finest quality. It is a full bodied coffee with excellent flavour and fine acidity.